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Default Re: Michael Irvin: Iím expecting Dez Bryant to be named NFL MVP this season

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
yeah well I think most would have AJ top-5...yet he has never had top-5 production

AJ might separate himself from the pack this year, wouldn't doubt it...I want to wait more than just one game though before determining that
Green's production in his first two seasons is even better than Calvin in his first two years, and both guys stepped into the league as physical freaks of nature.

I'm not ranking these guys based on accomplishments from previous seasons. I'm telling you who I think the best are right now, at this moment. For me, Green is on par with Calvin.

That's not based on statistics... I watch the guy play and feel he's just as good. And, no one else is on those guys' level except maybe Fitz.
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