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Default Re: Michael Irvin: Iím expecting Dez Bryant to be named NFL MVP this season

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I wouldn't be shocked if AJ took that leap this year but he hasn't yet...putting him on the same tier as Calvin is crowning him too early
AJ has a long way to go before I say he had a career better than Calvin. A LONG way to go and it would take him staying at this level for another five years at least. Like I said, I'm basing my evaluation on what I see when I watch them play. Accomplishment wise? He's not close.

What I see on the field? He's close. Really close.

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
also, Stafford is not very good at all

He's better than Dalton and he also plays in an offense more conducive to putting up big numbers. The Bengals are the prototypical AFC North team... Control the ball and the clock, lean on their defense. Detroit tries to outscore you (though they do have a great defensive front).
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