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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by rhythmic †hesis
MGS V & Batman Origins is coming out this year too!
Plus Battlefield 4 & Ghosts, I think both will redefine the FPS genre.

I already pre-ordered PS4 & GTA V.
I'll get PS4 for Ghosts, BF4 & Watch NBA 2K14 & FIFA 14.

I'll only play Ghosts & Battlefield 4 (campaigns) and wait to buy Watch Dogs, NBA 2K14 & FIFA in 2014...because I'll be busy with GTA V.

BF 4 & Ghosts will take me a couple of days to finish anyways.
I would never sell my PS3 though; I will always cherish the Uncharted series, TLoU & my other exclusives.

This is by far the best year in gaming history, IMO.
As I've made a post about these games before any of them came out earlier in the year.

GTA V, TLoU & Watch Dog's potentially could become the 3 greatest games to date. Yes, I do believe TLoU is the best game ever made...surpassing RDR, San Andreas, Uncharted 2/3 & even Zelda (and Metroid, Combat Evolved & BG II).

Just my opinion of course, but the last 6-7 hours in TLoU (starting with Pittsburgh and up until the Firefly Hospital) is easily the most fun, intense and dramatic moments I've experience holding a controller. Holy hell, that Winter section was so much fun and so freaking scary. That Hotel basement sequence seriously made me scared shitless. Only being able to see what your flashlight allows you to see in a pitch black creepy basement with that quiet music and then realizing you need the keycard to open the door (to go to the next section) inside the Bloaters nest was the most "holy shit, I'm scared shitless" moments ever for me. Then finally seeing that creepy Bloater chasing you in a very tight corridor; I serious had a panic attack.

I HATE that part of the game, because it reminds me so much of Silent Hill.

You should try playing Dead Island.
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