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Default The "Domination" Of NBA Players At 2013 FIBA EuroBasket

The first stage of the 2013 FIBA EuroBasket is over.

1. On this site, 99% of all the members claim that any and every NBA player will "automatically totally dominate when playing against Euro scrubs".

He will "always average huge numbers and have gaudy stats when playing against Euro scrubs". Because, "the NBA is elite and vastly superior, and is where the big boys play, while European basketball is inferior, and where the minor league players play."

Other THEORIES from NBA only fans that run rampant in this forum are that,

2. "NBA players always have better numbers and higher averages when they play against Euro scrubs."

3. "NBA players always play more minutes in joke Euro scrub competitions, because it is easier to play more minutes when you have less competition for playing time."

4. "NBA players always average more points against Euro scrubs than they do in the NBA against elite competition."

5. "NBA players always shoot a higher field goal percentage against Euro scrubs than they do against elite NBA competition."

6. "NBA point guards always average more assists against Euro scrubs than they do against elite NBA competition."

7. "NBA big men always average more rebounds against Euro scrubs than they do against elite NBA competition."

8. "NBA players always have less turnovers when playing against the Euro scrubs that can't defend."

and of course............

9. "NBA players always automatically lead their teams to championships, as soon as they play against inferior minor league Euro scrubs."

or maybe the funniest one of all.........

10. "NBA players always shoot over 40 or 50 percent from behind the 3 point line when they play against Euro scrubs that use that high school distance 3 point line."

So now, these THEORIES from the NBA only fans get put to an ACTUAL test.

All the TROLLING and LIES get exposed with ACTUAL facts.

Not the "facts" that the pathological lying psychopathic trolls like gabepizza, KG215, Rooster, Dr.J4ever, Cavs_FTW, nick young, etc., talk about here.

As you will see, numerous NBA players led their teams to early first round tournament exits, and in the majority of cases, their numbers are pretty much lower than their NBA numbers.

Keep in mind that these numbers are for the FIRST round of the tournament, which is the LOWEST LEVEL OF COMPETITION AT THE TOURNAMENT.


NBA player's performances in 2013 FIBA EuroBasket:

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