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Default Re: How To Get Seperation

Play ball like a game of chess... see 2-3 steps ahead. First 3 times you get the ball drive hard right and then pass it for no reason. 4th time you get it fake right and go left, your defender will always aggressively try to cover your right after the first 3 times. Learn to think like that. Always be aware of what your defender is expecting of you. He is always expecting you to do something. Its usually what you do most often or what you did last. Changing speeds is key here. Your most explosive move or fastest speed should be your ace up your sleeve. Always go slower than you actually can. This sets him up to expect you to move a certain way. What helped to understand this aspect was boxing. Learn how boxers feel each other out. They don't start a fight throwing haymakers, they throw little jabs just to see how the opponent reacts. Is he overreacting or is he underreacting? Read that. Get into their minds. Feel them out as they say. Anyway, im rambling.

Eventually you'll pick up on the psychological aspect of it (it'll probably take a while) and you'll get to a point where you can do the opposite of what the defender expects every time you touch it. Thats when the defender gets the shaky foot and constantly shuffles his feet on D because you've been constantly keeping him off balance.

And Honestly this is probably the toughest aspect of being a good offensive player. Staying dynamic, being able to take advantage of any situation. Think Kyrie Irving. He doesn't do anything crazy.. just always the right move at the right time.

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