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Default Re: So what moves can be made?

Originally Posted by knickscity
Philly could do that deal without involving us.

Not to say the Knicks wouldnt...I think they would....I would too.

The trade exception doesnt mean much, the Knicks wouldnt use it as they are lining up everything for that 2015 free agent class.
So you think wait it out w chandler and Felton and Amare is better than changing them in for a team built around Carmelo? Just to wait for 2015? And don't you think chandler plays a huge part in that for New Orleans? Plus 6'rs are tanking and amare won't hurt that- he and Gordon have nothing but upside for the possibility of trading into other assets down the road if either or both pan out.

Carmelo, jr smith, shumpert, Bargnani is a good enough to win if you put another 4 with them other than Felton, chandler, amare it could work this time, not just "next time".
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