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Default Re: The "Domination" Of NBA Players At 2013 FIBA EuroBasket

Originally Posted by wakencdukest
So basically their shooting and free throw percentages went down. How far off is it from their NBA percentages? Did you take into account that most of them are playing 30-35 mpg and taking a lot more shots than they did in the NBA, with the exception of Gortat, Batum, Calderon and Parker who played less? And, what does a lower free throw percentage have to do with anything at all? Could it be some of these veteran players are just out of sync from playing NBA ball for so long and just need to get a few more games under their belts to get comfortable? I would think going to a different team and playing by different rules would take some getting used to, even if you played with that team a few years ago. Do their Coaches give them the freedom to play the position like they do in the NBA? Or, are they utilized differently? I need some clear cut answers on this subject, because you seem pretty biased.
some NBA guys also use their national teams and euro teams to work on specific aspects of their games they don't get to highlight in the nba as well
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