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Default Re: Deng contract talks break down

Originally Posted by kshutts1
My guess? Releasing contract proposals does nothing but undermine the team's position. If Team X knows that Chicago offered a 12m a year deal, suddenly it's that much easier to bid. Not to mention Deng is still under contract, and the amount of money and years offered is an indication of interest/belief in Deng as a player. Other teams having that knowledge would hurt the Bulls in the event of a trade.
Agreed, but on the other hand usually the player (or his agent) releases what they're asking for and why they aren't getting that much. Even if that's typically the blame game. I mean we saw that Taj, and too a way lesser extent Noah's deal.

Crystallas, I agree. Just saying it's weird. We even know when a player has diarrhea I just think it's strange. Especially with the gamble that Melo opts out. I don't think he will because he's whipped as all hell by his wife but still. And godforbid LeBron opts out as well.
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