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Default Re: Week 2 Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by mlh1981
Bengals got a deep and talented team, but gotta clean up the dumb mistakes. Been a problem under Marvin Lewis. Even though the Steelers always play well at Paul Brown Stadium, I like this matchup, for once. Their offensive line is in shambles, and the Bengals' defensive line is due for a good performance, considering they didn't touch Jay Cutler on Sunday.

Hopefully, Gio Bernard touches the rock more. I think he could have a big impact if he's worked into the game plan. A possible "x factor."

Yeah, look for Geno Atkins to have a good game. I really don't have a ton of optimism about the Steelers. I think Ben and the receivers will have a couple good games but the line is just too weak and already banged up. It is going to be another year of steady decline.

Getting rid of Bruce Arians was the worst choice we could have made. I was ok with the Haley hiring when it happened and even supported it vocally on ISH but it was clearly a bad choice.
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