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Default Re: Toronto Raptors Offseason Report Card

Defense: After ranking 12th defensively in Dwane Casey's first season, the Raptors regressed last year. But then they improved after the Gay trade. If they can pick up where they left off, they can win games with their D. C

Coaching: Casey survived the front office shake-up and will be given the opportunity to get his team back to playing defense. That will be easier without Andrea Bargnani and with a training camp and full season with Gay on board. B


Kind of silly analysis as they are perhaps self answering.

It is a chicken and egg situation. Did Casey loose D traction because his old GM forced him to change ? They seem to imply yes and I would agree.

I mean the bottom line is D will be better if Casey is allowed free reign in his system and without Bargnani.

How one justifies a B and another a C is kind of moot and stupid. Both are F as in Fail to make the playoffs as projected.
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