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Default Re: Knick fans on ish catch a bad rap

Considering this a topic about the NBA forum posters, I'll just add my 2 cents about this (plus a bit bored):

Originally Posted by el gringos
Knicks fans aren't out there on ish overhyping the team and making themselves look dumb. It's the haters saying they are, when it comes to this offseason on ish no teams fans have underplayed the strength of their team than Knick fans.

Actually, these are the 2 main thread I've seen discussing about the Knicks being contenders going forward:

^Both Laker fans and I don't think I've seen them state anything negative about the Knicks. I'd advise to read through the threads and who's being biased.

As for, "making themselves look dumb" well... There are just a couple of bad Knick fans on the main board that stand out and say absurd things, whether it's about the Knicks or a player topic, etc...

In the 2+ years I've been here, probably the most absurd statement a Knick fan said was that the Knicks are the best franchise in the NBA (all-time) because the refs are biased against them. That was the reasoning...

Anyways, not going to fill the whole thread with bold and controversial statements. Carry on and I hope Bargnani stays healthy and contributes well for the Knicks this season. He can't blow this opportunity.
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