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Default Re: Official 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifying Thread

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
Who cares about head to head series. And Mexico got out of the group stages in 2006 and 2010. Pretty comfortably if I may say so. And like the US, they lost in the first round of the knockout stage. Except to Argentina twice, where as US lost in 2010 to Ghana and didn't get out of the Group Stage in 2006.

And when I say to you people that Mexico has performed better on the internaitonal stage I mean that when they play top tier international teams in matches that actually count (not friendlies) they play better then the US. The US has two impressive performances in 09 and not many since/before. They luckily tied England on a lucky goal. They struggled against Algeria til the end. They did pretty bad in 06. Where as Mexico at least was competitive this year in the Confeds. They beat France in 10. Even in the 05 confeds cup they were more pretty competitive.
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