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Default Re: do you guys wear any basketball accessories?

I find myself wearing compression shorts as underwear most of the time lately. Shits comfy and slimming. Although I worry about my testicles so I counter that with equal amount of commando, which is even more comfortable.

Shoes, tape ankles, two pair socks, shin splint support (right ankle), compression shorts, basketball shorts, no shirt.

I used to wear a hamstring sleeve type of thing because I messed my hammy bad about ten years ago playing soccer. The compression shorts help so I stopped wearing it. I don't even know why I wear the shin splint support. I had shin splits about a year ago and didn't want to stop playing so I bought that (it works, btw) and once they went away, I decided to keep it.

Oh, and I recently started putting baby powder in the compression shorts before I ball or exercise. My junk stays sweat free and cool as a cucumber. You pour the powder in the shorts and a little in your hand. Then you pat it on your balls and stuff.

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