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Default Re: I want to learn how to play DOTA 2

lmao. I started playing this game like 7 months ago just cuz someone inspired me to play it & she has no clue that i'm somewhat good at it now... she's popular in the DOTA/gaming community . Ima surprise her when I go to the Philippines for vaca. I know i'm gonna get my ass-whooped, but oh well.

Anyway, learn the basics first. Observe your teammates -- observe how they play solo mid or top. Learn how to Last-hit creeps, in-fact master that $hit. Avoid deaths by basically just reading the field, be aware of your surroundings. & never respond if they start talking shit about you ... cuz in the end, no one wins that argument.

You're lucky you live in the Philippines, you got people to tutor you in person -- to tell you what your mistakes are, like -- you should have done this move when that person did that move. None of my friends here plays this game, so it's kinda hard to improve when you got no one to correct you.

I prefer playing DOTA 1 first though, I don't know why -- but I think it's easier/faster to learn there.


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