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Default Knick fixing

All this talk that the Knicks are not going to be doing any altering of the current roster is stupidity.

There is no way this mish-mash of talent can be successful. Too many talented guards, not enough court time, and not enough decent big men.

I have some scenarios to fix things. You may not all agree with these deals, they are Isiah-esque, but they are plausable.

Deal 1:
The most important deal, trade Steve Francis. He is not in the same tier of point guards as Marbury, and he cannot play shooting guard seeing he has an unreliable jumper, doesn't play well off the ball, has suspect defense, and is undersized to boot.

Denver would really like to acquire a player like this. I'm sure George Karl will love Stevie.

Nuggets trade:
Kenyon Martin (disgruntled employee, 4 years remaining)

Knicks trade:
Steve Francis (bad fit for NY, where he fits in Denver is anyones guess)

Knicks get their tough partner for Curry. Nuggets get a star scorer to pair with Melo.

Deal 2:
As much as Thomas likes Robinson, he'll never make any NBA team a winenr with his stupid attitude and inability to play point guard. Who wants a 5'7" shooting guard? Not many people is my guess. He is a Seattle area product, and I'm sure Seattle would love to have a dunk contest "champ" on the roster.

Sonics trade:
Mikki Moore (expirer and content being a bigman reserve, good hustle guy)

Knicks trade:
Nate Robinson
$1 million (because the Sonics are cheap, & Nate has a longer contract)

Sonics get a local product who can be an exciting combo guard off thebecnh and hopefully entice some fans back. Knicks get a reserve big man who hustles.

Deal 3:
Now to utilise those large expiring contracts of Rose and Taylor. The Knicks will not get better by not getting large deals on the books now, and it seems like they want to win immediatley. The rebuilding faze has been long enough, Isiah probably doesn't want to be fired. I guess the pro of being GM and coach is, if there are some players not pulling their weight or not meshing with the team you can just trade them without much consultation. I don't like the idea of adding more "superstar" players with these two large expiring contracts, maybe just some useful role players that have lengthy contracts.
Blazers trade:
Darius Miles (another disgruntled employee, QRich's boyfriend)
Brian Skinner
Dan Dickau

Knicks trade:
Jalen Rose (large expiring deal, Portland owner is poor..... LOL)
David Lee
Future first round pick

Knicks get Miles who has bad knees and plays well for a quarter of a season usually, and Skinner as a big body and fodder, Dickau. Portland's money conscious Allen gets an expiring deal, a future first rounder and a young cheap starter at power forward who should clean up some of the errant misses by the Portland rookies.

Warriors trade:
Adonal Foyle
Mike Dunelavy Jr.

Knicks trade:
Maurice Taylor (expiring deal)
Channing Frye (injury prone softy)

Golden State gets a new bigman in Frye who can immediatley start playing 30mpg, rather than waiting on O'Bryant to develop and Foyle is hugely overpaid. Taylor is an expiring deal, allowing them to re-up Pietrus, and to give him Dunleavy's starting job. Dunleavy Jr. should excel in New York as a spare part. That's all he evr should be. Foyle brings defensive intensity and a shot blocking presence the Knicks really lack.

Final New York lineup:
CT: Eddy Curry/ Adonal Foyle/ Mikki Moore/ Jackie Butler/ Jerome James
PF: Kenyon Martin/ Brian Skinner/ Malik Rose
SF: Darius Miles/ Mike Dunleavy Jr./ Rolando Balkman
SG: Quentin Richardson/ Jamal Crawford
PG: Stephon Marbury/ Mardy Collins

There are still weaknesses with the team, but there are enough big bodies to throw around, and just the right mix of scorers and defenders. They could probably do with trading a big guy for a spark plug type of guy like Eddie House. Maybe Jackie Butler for Beno Udrih type of deal?

Current lineup:
CT: Eddy Curry/ Maurice Taylor/ Jackie Butler/ Jerome James
PF: Channing Frye/ David Lee/ Malik Rose
SF: Jalen Rose/ Quentin Richardson/ Rolando Balkman
SG: Steve Francis/ Jamal Crawford
PG: Stephon Marbury/ Nate Robinson/ Mardy Collins

Compare that lineup to the current and tell me what you prefer and if you think this lineup is possible, point out any trades you think are unfair/ one-sided.

Now if somebody would just take Jerome James' contract off the books.........

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