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Default The Pats "offensive woes"

You guys and the general media need to shut the **** up about the Patriots "offensive struggles". Brady was only bad in the 2nd half because it was an absolute downpour. You try throwing in that shit and then get back to me. He dominated the first half, and he even had a 40 yard touchdown pass taken away from him at the end of the half(#85 caught that shit). And this is without their two best weapons(Gronk and Amendola). The Pats will be right back where they always are. 12 or so wins and the division crown. Just stop.

Meanwhile the Jets are a team that will have some REAL offensive problems. That has to be the worst offense in the league. Geno Smith is a bum as everyone predicted, and the running backs/recievers suck too. Don't be fooled by that fluke win over TB. Their defense is pretty legit though. Solid secondary play and defensive line.
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