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Default Re: The Pats "offensive woes"

Jets D got saved from Pat receiver drops if not for them they'd probably have been blown out. Brady played decently and most balls were catchable, even if they were slightly off, but thats why Brady was pissed. and a lot of those drops were on big plays, where as the Jets drops seemed like average play drops that weren't going for TD's. Geno's throwing ability looks terrible tbh, even on the stuff he completed. it just made no sense why they had him throw all game in a close one where if not for the INT's, like if they had run the ball, they very easily could have won.

anyways this isn't going to be a every week occurence, just like Boldin getting like 200 yds and throwing that in the Ravens face isn't going to be a every week occurance....those rookies will catch the balls eventually, and the Pats offense will look much better. if anything now would be a good time to buy low on Brady since whoever has him in your fantasy league is probably down on him.

Lloyd doesn't want to play football. multiple teams had interest in him and he denied them.

biggest problem for the Pats tho isn't so much even the drops, its knowing that complicated Pats offense and timing with Brady which Ocho Cinco proved wasn't easy to pickup. which leaves injury prone Edelman, Gronk, and Amendola as the only horses Brady can rely on...

and yeah Jets have made so many bad moves since Ryan took over that you have to put a lot of the blame on him especially when he supported Sanchez for so long as his guy, and blew all of that money committing to him where they were cash strapped. theres just a lot of bone headed things Ryan has done since his tenure as coach, even if he's a great defensive coordinator. there are so many things i can recall with the Jets in the last few years where its been a circus there(holmes drama, Tebow and never using him, Sanchez fiasco, etc.). they really need new management, or a new owner altogether.
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