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Default Re: The Pats "offensive woes"

Originally Posted by JMT
Exact same could be said about the Pats D and Jets drops.

Two teams, both played like crap. NE is in big trouble against the better teams in the league. Too many holes where playmakers used to be.

Jets are a disaster.

lets just say if the Jets receivers caught all of their catchable balls, and the Pats receivers caught all of theirs, i think the Pats would've handily won this game.

i still don't think the Pats are in as awful shape as their 1st game with 2 rookie wideouts who played the worst they could possibly play indicates. i think they'll both have much better weeks, especially since they were open on most of those drops. against the top teams u might be right but i still think the Pats are right on that top team fringe, even without Gronk/Amendola.
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