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Default Re: Will there be a Kansas City rant this year?

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
Everyone made fun of me for picking Kansas City to make the playoffs.

Definetly a good team. Not a great team, but other than the Broncos there isn't an AFC team I can say is clear cut better than them.

I'd pick them to beat Dallas this week.

I'm pretty sure you meant AFC "West" (instead of just AFC in general); and yeah if that is the case, you're completely right. Neither the Chargers or Raiders are going to amount to jack shit this season - which is incredibly sad considering Philip Rivers is wasting away what should be his prime years at this point in his career.

Now, if you truly meant the entire AFC ... I can't say I'm with you on that one. Patriots are clearly a tier above Kansas City. If we're talking next year, when Alex Smith + Andy Reid + all other young guys have had a season to gel combined with Brady having another slowly yet surely year sinking below his prime then maybe we're singing a different tune, but not this year.

Also, you can't say the Chiefs are a step above the Bengals. Not this year, sure as hell not the next. The Bengals are positioned to be a GREAT franchise for years to come, and yes the Chiefs are too, but not even close. SB champs Ravens will steamroll over the Chiefs this year. Also, can't forget about the Texans. Matt Schaub at this point is still a better QB than Alex Smith; so I don't see how anyone can put KC above Houston.

As much as I like KC this year, at best, all they can do is pull what the Colts did which was go from one of the league's worst (record wise) to being good enough to snatching a wild-card; and perhaps playing in the weaker AFC makes that possible this season, you still can't forget there's some clout teams still in that conference.
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