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Default Re: The Pats "offensive woes"

Originally Posted by TonyMontana
We'll see. I'm a big Luck guy, but the Colts didn't look that impressive vs a bottom feeding Raiders team.

All of the dropped passes had to do with the rain. Your supposed to run the ball when it rains, but the Pats havn't had a consistant running game since Corey Dillon. Rain definetly hurts teams like the Pats, Packers, Broncos that throw it every play.

I think Edelman will be huge for them, and Thompkins will be nice with Brady. Edelman had like 15 catches and Thompkins would have had like 80 yards and a TD if they didn't take it away from him. These guys will be able to hold down the fort until Gronkowski and Amendola return. More than capable.

well i'll just say WR's who first get to the NFL by and large have way worse hands than NFL WR's with experience do. it takes a lot of them years to get hands like some vet WR's have. not to say the rare talents don't have exceptional hands(aj green) but more often than not it seems being able to catch the ball is very much a NFL experience thing. its why Edelman could catch almost every pass thrown at him while the rookie WR's couldn't not because of athletic ability, but mostly hands and timing.

i think timing(knowing the playbook and the QB) and hands are the biggest factors for most rookie WR's to overcome. athleticism to get open or dominate jumps is probably one of the more given attributes of these highly draffted prospects.]

i do agree Edelman will blow up so long as he doesn't get hurt. he's just like Wes Welker, if not a better big play threat. just real injury prone.
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