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Default Re: OT: What are you listening to?

Originally Posted by chips93
are you still as into lupe as you were on your old account? i remember you being a big fan of his, i was wondering what you thought of his last 2 albums. he hasnt come close to the cool, or food and liquor, with his two most recent albums, imo.
Yeah man, still a big fan. I'll be the first to admit the last 2 albums weren't on the same level as the first two as a whole, but there was definitely some great songs on them.

Off the top of my head, on Lasers you got; words i never said, all black everything, 2 ways, letting go.

And on the latest I really liked strange fruition, around my way, lamborghini angels, unforgivable youth.. And that last verse on Put em up is insane.

So yeah all in all I'm still a big fan. How many artists continuously keep putting out classics? (I consider The Cool and Food and Liquor 1 classics) 4-5 good/great songs on an album is really not bad.
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