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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Bladers
graphic is superb. driving mechanics are good.
very few enterablel buildings. disappointed.
airport not enterable, malls, most stores, houses, garages etc.
its pretty much a lockdown city.
cops are too aggressive even with 1 star.
airplane controls are so arcade. its ridiculous.
so disappointing. secondly you cant fly as passenger (enter airport. buy a ticket.)
lastly you can't walk and see inside the plane.

so disappointed so far.

Why the hell would you want to fly as a passenger? The only thing that was disappointing from what you mentioned is the small number of accessible buildings. I like the aggressive cops because I felt it was too easy to evade them on IV. Arcadey flying is not a suprise to me because the game is supposed to be fun and it's not meant to be a flight simulator.
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