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Default Re: Bobcats' Training Camp

Originally Posted by Hoodlum Science
I think it'd be great if rufdawg could go ... but the Queen city up to Greensboro is a bit of a drive, but at this point at least me, Wicked and Spec will be seeing our 'Cats up close and personal in action! I know it's only pre-season but I have a good feeling about our squad going forward. It's still going to take some time for us to earn our spot, but if we can gel as expected, young talent emerge into rock solid pieces, I think in a good couple seasons we can breakthrough and FINALLY become a consistent WINNING franchise. Man, that sounds nice!

I'm in W-S and I drive to Charlotte all the time for games and other things. But it''ll be great to only have to drive to G'boro this time. Spectre and his son and myself and The Legend of Josh will be there. I forget where our seats are but we've posted that info elsewhere in this forum. Share your info and we all can make a plan to meet ahead of time.
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