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Default Re: The Last Of Us Hype

Originally Posted by Scholar
Isn't there supposed to be some DLC for this game by now? It's been 3 months since its release. You'd think they'd have added new story-related gameplay. I don't care much for the online experience anymore since it's not very exciting. If they can add a game mode where you team up with other users and kill hordes of Infected, ala the scene with Ellie & David working together, I think I'd be willing to get back onto the multiplayer experience.

I'm just hoping that they release something worthwhile soon. All they did was add a useless "Interrogation" game mode to the multiplayer that got stale to me within a handful of matches.

Oh, well. GTA V is coming out soon, so I'll probably forget all about TLoU soon.
They were supposed to announce something by the end of August but they didn't.
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