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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by baseketball4life
good game JBs. My team could be toast with Fitzgerald hurt and now S-Jax injury could cost him a while also. But I knew that, if I had any injuries in my starting lineup my team would be bottom of the barrel stuff here. But if I avoided injuries I could possibly have made playoffs.

You schooled me in that Garcon trade tho lol. At least Cecil Shorts got like 4 catches for 50 yards in garbage time to heal my ego a bit. The season is still young and you have a ton of talent. The trio of AP, Jordy, and Garcon is looking nice. Only time will tell how injuries play out.

I'm not going to assume a W this week yet tho, your kicker could still chip into the lead and I'm not going to assume that Russell will have a so-so game. Good game either way. Hopefully injuries don't screw you down the line.
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