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Default Re: Kirk Cousins >>>>>>>> RG3

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan
They have great teams.

Neither of them carry their teams the way rodgers, brady and manning do.

Especially brady, his team is horrible this year, but i would be amazed if he didnt get at least 10 wins.

Not only are they NOT horrible, they aren't even average. They aren't even good - they're contenders when healthy.

You're assuming that because of the lackluster WR play last week that his team sucks. That has to be it.

....because they have an elite offensive line, a 1250/12td running back and one of the best coaches ever. They also have a top 10 defense with players at every level, from Mccourty & Talib in the secondary, Mayo/Hightower at linebacker, budding superstar in Chandler Jones, a behemoth in Wilfork and one of the most underrated players in the league, Rob Ninkovich on the DLine
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