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Default Re: The Official No Fap 2013 Challenge

Did without 9 days. Starting to feel iffy about this.

I come off as retarded when I abstain. Like literally a dumbass ape who keeps doing stuff without thought. I couldn't even help my brothers economics homework without re-reading the stuff 3X even though 4 years earlier it took me 10 seconds to grasp the concept. "Young, dumb and full of" certainly rings true here.

However, the energy levels glowing skin and health recovery are awesome. Caught a fever two days ago, only took a bit of carrot juice and am recovering fast. We're talking strep throat level pain in the throat that dissipated 25% over the course of a few hours. There's got to be immune system benefits to it.. spermatogenesis is an expensive biological process. Some say a drop of sperm is worth 100 drops of blood, others say it takes about 2 lemons, a steak, 3 eggs, 2 oranges, and more to cover the nutrients within one busted nut. In my qigong classes they say every time you bust you lose 8 days of practice.

Day after a fresh day I have complete control over my mind.... thoughts are crispier, more lucid, actually can easily say some funny witty things as opposed to other day.

Must find some kind of middle ground. I want both pros lol.

Anyways I'm doing a new 3 month stretch.

^ These are ancient exercises done in Tibet known for their anti-aging properties. A type of yoga if you will. The sixth one is known to kill desire on the spot. It's supposed to be exhaling followed by a hard stomach vacuum.. Going to do this at the feel of a semi and it'll keep you sharp throughout the day.

I want solid control of my mind and energy. Need it for the goals about to undergo.

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