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Default Re: How overrated is the NFC East

Originally Posted by MavsSuperFan

why because they beat us and the jags?

If your criteria for the best team is going to be that they beat dallas, then unfortunately I think your are going to consider a lot of teams to be elite this year.

I hope you're right though, I would love to post here how wrong I was about the cowboys and how I totally underestimated romo.
The Chiefs played near flawless football yesterday...they looked great IMO

The only soft spot they had yesterday was Flowers getting torched by Dez but IMO Dez would have done that to just about any CB not named Sherman or Revis

the Chiefs defense is stacked...did you see Dontari Poe? Holy fck that guy is dominate...good luck to anyone running up the middle on that

Alex Smith even looked great to me...hell he looked like prime Vick running around like that. When he didn't have a throw to make he did a great job of protecting the football and making something else happen. The guy plays smart football...Alex Smith was playing great football before losing his job to Kap last year.
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