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Default Re: How overrated is the NFC East

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
It is only week 2 and a lot can change from here out but to me the NFCE looks to be all Dallas

RG3 looks like he no longer runs and is trying to become a pure pocket passer, their success last year came from the pistol offense...and the Skins defense is AWFUL.

The Giants COULD turn things around I suppose but Eli has already thrown 7 picks...SEVEN

Phillys new offense looks great and DeSean will probably have a career year but what are the odds that Vick stays healthy all 16 games? 5% chance?...and the Philly defense is on par with the Skins, just awful

It took SIX turnovers for you to beat us. SIX. Literally we said YOU WIN and you almost didn't do it. I'd hold off on your parade.
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