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Default Re: Weekly Gambling Spreads.

Originally Posted by Carbine
I gotcha.

I'm thinking real hard about pounding the money line for the Seahawks game vs the Jags. The odds aren't great, but it's free money I feel like.

It is free money, but yeah the odds are awful. My prediction for the game is 31-0.

Only problem with betting these kind of games is you have to put a lot of money on the line to make very little. Nothing wrong with that since you know you will win, but it gives you less money to bet on the rest of your games if you want a decent return. I usually just see how much money I have not bet for the week, and if I still can get a decent enough return I will bet it.

But yeah its free money. The Jaguars are the absolute worst team and Seahawks at home especially are the absolule best team
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