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Default Re: How did LeBron manage to finish 2nd in DPOY voting...

Lol @ LeBron ever getting DPOY if people who knew basketball were voting on it.

There are PLENTY of people much better at perimeter defense than LeBron and plenty of elite rim protectors that people would rather have if they were strictly trying to built a good defense.

LeBron is allowed to be good at help defense because Wade and Battier will guard the other teams best player while LeBron takes the non threat which allows him to take risks in the passing lanes. Don't tell me that LeBron is more important to a defensive scheme when his job is much easier to carry out (although he is very good at it.) and less important since you usually get a mere 1-2 steals a game from it while other guys are taking on the daunting, more important task of trying to slow down actual good scorers...

Don't tell me that in the 2011 Finals when Wade/Battier were guarding Durant and LeBron was guarding Perkins that LeBron was more important for their defense...

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