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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

Structured as in, NO BENCH. I had to overpay for a 1 week play in Starks. That's what happens when your RB2 dies. I like Royal more than most, I think he will continue to be heavily featured and the most targetted WR on the team. However he will not be scoring TDs like this, and is just a bye week filler. But helps me as bench depth, something I did not have. I also like Fleener now with Allen done for the year and Fleener showing signs of breaking out. Snelling is more of a shot in the dark LOL. I'm trying to salvage these next few weeks while S-Jax is hurt, can't afford to go like 0-3 in his absence. If I lose to SCY then all that FAAB money spent goes for nothing lol.
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