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Default Re: Harsh words for Dwight on Lakers Legends: Showtime Revisited

Originally Posted by lakerfreak
I noticed as well that he had himself some nice games. But I did not see that "warrior" mentality either. He was just playing pickup basketball. You good still be pretty good at pick up ball and win some NBA games IMO.

We are kind of in a tough spot seeing that we might get really unlucky and land noone in free agency next year. But something needs to happen. Kobe might need to finally come out and declare that this is his last season.

He's good enough to be a team's leading scorer, but I don't think he's good enough to lead them to championships anymore.

Kobe's days as leading a team to a title are over. It was over even before he went down last year. And even he realized he needs players and needed Dwight to take him there. He can be a vet leader, but you need a guy as good or better than him to win a title.

This could very well be Kobe's last year. If he is 100% and just cannot play at a level he is accustomed to, I do not see him dragging on his career. And this injury has not been kind to players in the past. I hope he can come back at a high level, but I am also a realist and accept this could be the end for him.

Next years free agents start with Lebron, and the rest are meh to me. I mean, Melo is the next up in the rankings but I do not see him as a guy who will lead us to a title. But I guess if he wants to come, Lakers will more than likely pay him
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