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Default Re: Warren Buffett(1% liberal): Scrap Obamacare and Start All Over

Originally Posted by kaiteng
longhorn is such a great troll.

I just came across this that shows how much conservatives love to lie to themselves.

A. It's not just longhorn, some idiot Congressman was spouting this nonsense.

B. The Weekly Standard blog that was pushed this nonsense, posted an update to their post and LIED SOME MORE.

Today in Conservative Obamacare Self-Delusion

One of the things I tried to explain in my print story about the Obamacare wars is the degree to which Republicans have whipped themselves into a frenzy over the law through a process of self-deception. The conservative-media world is both completely obsessed with Obamacare and creating a news cocoon in which the most important news about the law — the lower-than-expected premiums and sharply falling health-care inflation — doesn’t exist at all, and the fate of the law can instead be tracked through a procession of exaggerated or completely imaginary events all showing its rapid collapse. Conservative news sites churn out new Obamacare collapse stories every single day, creating the impression of the law’s continued and unmistakable destruction.
A perfect example comes via a National Review report from the House Republican meeting today. Influential Republican Jim Jordan waxes enthusiastic about the agreed-to plan to threaten to default on the national debt in order to force President Obama to destroy his own health-care plan:
“All the momentum is in our direction. Warren Buffett said yesterday, ‘Scrap the bill.’ The AFL-CIO said last week, ‘Repeal the bill if you’re not going to fix it.’ Everyone knows this thing isn’t ready. Everyone knows,” said Representative Jim Jordan of Ohio, a former Republican Study Committee chairman, referring to the health-care law.
Anderson hilariously issued an “update” to his completely false item, in which he notes: “It appears that Buffett made his anti-Obamacare comments in 2010, thereby showing that he, like most of the American people, has opposed Obamacare since even before it was passed.” This is also completely untrue, since Buffett endorsed the passage of the bill in that interview and others.
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