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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

GOBB, there are times in GTA V where people just wanna go crazy with cheats & try new things with it. The only cheat I'm using right now is the 'remove wanted level" cheat. I'm just annoyed with cops when I 'accidentally' bump into one of their cars or they bump into my car. Seriously, how the fuck I get a wanted level for that?

With that being said, I explored with Franklin like 10 - 13 missions after. I drove all the way to that one county up north coming from the east & robbed two 24/7/Gas Stations in the process. So I got up there & I decided to go back home going through west, & I found myself floating in the water after crashing my car by going full speed (I thought no one was around). I was about 3 mi (There were still tall ass mountains) away from Los Santos, I went up to the freeway & tried jacking a car, but all of a sudden a f*cking cougar just charged the f*ck out of me. So I died.

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