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Default Re: Grand Theft Auto V discussion

Originally Posted by Bosnian Sajo
I swear I did at least 20 times, but i wasn't shooting in the middle...I shot where the hinges were

Im on the 2nd Lester mission and it tells me to buy nice cloths, I bought a 1300 dollar sweater and have nice jeans, shoes, and glasses on...and Lester keeps telling me not to dress like a scrub Anyone pass this yet? What cloths did you have on? I also tried Mike's white suit.

Is that an armored van where there were guys unloading cash onto an ATM or just a random armored van that you decided to jack on a freeway/road? Cuz if it was a random armored van, then you can't get anything from that -- it's bugged. People are having trouble with it too.

I tried jacking an armored van that was just cruising through the city & I got a wanted level for it. So I tried driving it up the 3rd storey parking lot & got rid of the wanted level. After that, I tried shooting the door, but nothing happened.

For your mission, go to your home/safehouse, go to your walk-in closet, then pick out a "Full suit" from your wardrobe.

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