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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

I think Foster will pick it up. He is coming off no training camp and still getting his legs under him. I think he outscores Cobb because Texans are run heavy and he will play passing downs. Even if him and Tate "split" carries it will be like 65/70% to Foster.

Decker doesn't need to put up huge numbers to outscore Ridley here either because Ridley isn't getting any touches in the passing game. I think Decker still ends up with a bit under 1K yards and 7-8 TDs minimum in that offense.

It is a close deal tho so anything could happen. Cobb is a beast for sure and he could end up making me regret it.

Not sure if RBA was serious on the veto. If so, I'd like to hear his input on the deal.

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