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Default Re: Top 10 video games of all time..

Off the top of my head for me I'd have

baldurs gate 2
knights of the old republic 1
counter strike 1.6 and source
mortal kombat 2
elder scrolls oblivion
age of empires
resident evil 1 and 2
some of the fifa's from the psone
the first bioshock
the first assassins creed
time crisis
house of the dead 1 and 2

Listed games more current, I'm big into emulation and arcade machines there's way too many older games I like too, metroid, alex kid (one of my favourites of all time), wonderboy (play the shit out of the first one and monster world still), gun fight, metal slug, tmnt, x-men arcade, gauntlet, golden axe etc

most of these old ones hold more replay value for me though because you don't need to invest as much time to get a quick fix.
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