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Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Good gaming session last night clipse. For some reason I couldn't join your game. I accepted your invite and I got a problem message. Then I tried to join from the main menu a few times and same problem message.....don't know.

Man, this game is more fun playing with others. Why weren't you picking up much of the items or gold? I know your character was in the early levels, but he was a beast dishing out damage....I can't imagine what our characters will be like at the higher levels.

I wish I could play more, but I gotta wait for the little ones to go to bed.

I'll have to play my second character with you guys, I just hate putting down my main after spending close to 50 hours beefing him up. Pushing 80k damage and 71k vitality, and it feels like torture to go back to someone in the hundreds lol.
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