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Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
Good gaming session last night clipse. For some reason I couldn't join your game. I accepted your invite and I got a problem message. Then I tried to join from the main menu a few times and same problem message.....don't know.

Man, this game is more fun playing with others. Why weren't you picking up much of the items or gold? I know your character was in the early levels, but he was a beast dishing out damage....I can't imagine what our characters will be like at the higher levels.

I wish I could play more, but I gotta wait for the little ones to go to bed.
I was, we have our own loot. Only stuff I can see if stuff you drop, and same for you when I dropped some dexterity gear. And yea the 2 classes I never tried on PC were Witch Doctor and Wizard so this is new for me but I know they do stupid damage (fire bats) early on.
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