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Default Re: 2013 College Football Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by Snoop_Cat
I agree with the ridiculous and hypocritical part of the NCAA but Foster's reasoning (and football players, in general) is quite stupid at times.

He wants to talk about how he has no money for food, supplies, etc. Are you kidding me? Football players are treated like kings at the top universities - free quality food at both the cafeterias and at their facilities, the best (FREE) dorm choices, free clothes, etc., etc. I played D3 in college and lived entirely by the meal plan freshman and sophomore years - snacks included. You mean to tell me these kids can't just grab some extra food to go from their university food locations? Not like these are track or water polo players, they're football players, everyone recognizes them.

Yea, I was thinking the same exact thing. I refuse to believe that a football player playing for a major D1 program doesn't have some sort of Meal plan.. Not only that I'm sure the football program offers the players post practice/game meals along with other stuff like supplements, clothes, tutors, special privileges, etc. I'm pretty sure these D1 players are being fed like kings

So he's basically complaining that he doesn't have food in his dorm at 3am lol. Then he's trying to play the victim card

I do feel for guys like Manziel and Pryor. Why can't players sell their own autographs? What's the difference between that and him getting a job? Doesn't make sense but that's probably because the colleges don't want the athletes to get any of the $$ and they just want it all for themselves. I forgot Pryor's case but I remember it having to due with tattoos.
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