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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

I went with a buddy to see Prisoner last night. It's the first thing I've seen at the theatre since I hurt my leg, and I love the movies. Frankly it wasn't as highly regarded as the movies I usually see. It's at like 78 on RT. But he and I both are into true crime, so it's in our wheelhouse.

First, the Saturday Night movie experience isn't really my thing. I'm more of a matinee guy. It was packed. And in certain cases, like comedy, or in a suspense like this, I find the ambient buzz of a crowd to be a benefit. However I got stuck in front of two horrible people who spent the movie reassuring each other what they'd figured out.

Anyway. I found it pretty enjoyable. Paul Dano was great as the creepy weirdo. And there is a second creepy weirdo who's also great. Wolverine is superbly intense. And a crushed Maria Bello I felt was underplayed in what I read after the fact. Gyllenhaal I'm up in the air about. They intentionally leave a lot of background about him out, which I wasn't crazy about, yet he totally owns a few scenes. His character is a little like his Zodiac Robert Graysmith in the way he unravels with obsession, but much more intense.

Stylistically I thought it was excellent. Gray and dreary late fall Pennsylvania. Some really nicely syllouetted shots. It has an eerie tone, and is quite scary, even though it's not scary, if that makes sense.
There were a few logistical issues I had. I won't get into them, so as not to spoil the plot, but they took me out of a spot or two. Generally, it's a well written plot with a couple nice twists.

The director does make one styllistic choice a few times, once being right at the end, that the audience I was in did not like. But I was fine with it. I noticed it early on, thought it was interesting, and while it's not how I'dve ended, I was cool with it. Again I won't get into it for spoiler reasons. But if anyone else sees it, I'm open to discussion.

I'd give it a mid 80s. Could've been really good if they tightened up a couple plot flaws and blew out Gylenhaal's detective Loki. But it was already 2+ hours.

Definitely worth checking out, particularly for a soft late summer.
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