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Then name the other top 5 PG's if Billups isn't behind Nash. Im talking PG's not SG that happend to play PG like Arenas. Billups is very clutch so your an idiot for not saying he is.

Hinrich/TJ FORD

I'd take them over Billups, only because they are "purer" PGs than Billups. How many times has Billups gotten 10-15+ assists? Now, how many times have PGS 1-3 gotten a ridiculous number of assists? And, I'd take the last Paul, Hinrich, and MAYBE TJ Ford, because they are younger, and will be better point guards than Billups.

But you are right, he IS clutch. Not sure about top 5, but I made it seem that he is not clutch at all.
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