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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever!!! LVI

Originally Posted by Deleterious
Alexander Skarsgård - True Blood lead role and much more
Peter Stormmare - John Abruzzi in Prison Break and also big role in Fargo
Joel Kinnaman - Lead actor in the greateast triology ever Snabba CAsh and the new Robocop that has a 100 million budget.
Malin Åkerman - The slut that always shows her boobies in big movies.
The great Ivan Drago Aka Dolph Lundgren
Max Von Sydow
Noomi Rapacce

And dead people Ingrid Bergman touted as the most beautiful woman ever.

Among many other! The great blue and yellow I shall embrace you in my bosom until the day I am deep underground.

Ivan Drago

Ingrid Bergman - I fvck she for sure
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