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Default Re: Different shooting modes

Originally Posted by mr beast
i went from jumping at peak to shooting on the way up

too many rookie defenders step their foot out and u end up landing on them. sucks to have to sit out and rehab then rework your game up to the level

i still release at peak from time to time cuz it looks so much better

i really like this point. Most people think they are shooting at their peak but in fact they are shooting as they are starting to come down (i've done a lot of shooting clinics and most of them talk about this).

I try to envision myself shooting as I'm reaching my peak instead of at my peak because it helps prevent myself from letting the ball go on the way down, which a) makes your shot flat and b) actually requires more strength/wastes energy. Only elite level athletes can do this repeatedly without getting tired. Me? I'm athletic but I'd prefer to not to waste my legs everytime I shoot the ball.
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