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Default Re: Should the Bulls go after Beasley?

I went toe to toe with some guy who doesn't post here anymore.

KaptKirk or something.

I begged people to understand that Rose was the pick and it wasn't even close.

The main thing I disagreed on w/ other fans was what position B-EZ would play in the pros.

The people who were PRO-beasley thought he was the 4 that was the answers to our Elton Brand prayers.

Beyond that though....from the experience of watching Derrick every year in HS.....I knew he was SPECIAL.

Lets get this season going already.

P.S. - Wish the Heat wouldn't have got Beasley though. Low Risk High Reward situation for them just like w/ Oden. Beasley no matter how dumb he is, still has talent somewhere in that body and is only 24 i think. Could end up being a nice rotation player for them.
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