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Default Re: Marshall Mathers LP 2,11-5-13

That track with fifty might be a banger. I don't know about Em, I honestly think he's lost it and will never get it back. It just seems like the last time I heard a verse that made my eyes pop from him was the "No Love" track from Recovery and that album was a bit hit and miss from me. Almost every single featuring verse I have heard from the man since then has been facepalm inducing outside of the tracks with 50 and Nicki Minaj.

I heard the single "Berzerk" and I just couldn't get into it but I do think it was a brilliant move to make that the lead single because those are the kind of songs that only Eminem could do and distinguishes him from the rest of the pack in terms of rappers. It just isn't my style.

I'm hoping that the album cuts are carrying some major heat on them though. It seems like he has every one I expected him to have as far as featuring artists go and some cool surprises as well.
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