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Default Re: Top 10 GOAT non-QBs?

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-

1. Jim Brown
2. Jerry Rice
3. Walter Payton
4. Reggie White
5. Joe Greene

somewhere around 8-10 would be Deion Sanders
Love the Brown, Rice, White and Greene picks. I don't think Payton should be that high.

I'm going to try to hit multiple positions, not just the glamor sports. That said, I might put it like this...

1. Jim Brown
2. Jerry Rice
3. Joe Greene
4. Reggie White
5. Lawrence Taylor
6. Anthony Munoz
7. Ray Lewis
8. Ronnie Lott
9. Deion Sanders (yeah, I think he might be in there)
10. Walter Payton

I'm not taking into consideration the really old guys like Night Train Lane and Don Hudson. I'm sure I forgot some guys, too.

EDIT: LT hate in this thread? Really? He revolutionized the position and really the game. Any time a guy comes along that is so ahead of his time the game is never the same, he deserves to be in the Top 10.

It doesn't hurt that he's the best OLB I've ever seen.

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