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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by SCY
Graham is the #1 non-QB scorer.

One thing to remember though, all the RB's that are currently busting make the ones that hit that much more valuable. I'm definitely drafting McCoy, Charles & Peterson (and Graham) before Manning.

If you sort by VBD on this page, you'll see McCoy is 1st, Peyton 2nd...but it doesn't account for .5 PPR or that we're playing 12 extra RB/WR's at flex.

That said, I still think you were probably closer to the truth than anyone PT. I still think those RB's will catch up to you in the long run.
If we went back to the start of the season you would still take those RBs over Peyton? Knowing what you know now?

Points are points...plain and're using poor math here.

If we actually took the time to redraft I bet you anything my logic would create a higher scoring team than yours through these first 3 weeks
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