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Default Re: 4th Annual ISH Money League

Originally Posted by RedBlackAttack
The fact that I (and others) were able to put together formidible starting lineups despite going RB early is exactly the reason we went RB early. There is no denying the logic behind it. Pointing at one guy and saying, "Look, that guy at this other position has been great in the first three games... It's obvious your rationale is bogus..."

That doesn't work.

Again, I went RB with two of my first three picks and I'm still solid at QB, WR and TE. Being slightly better at one of those positions was not worth picking through the garbage which would have been left at RB after the first two rounds.

There's really nothing more to debate.

It's because he hit with his RB's. He's got Fred Jackson who nobody would have thought was going to split carries with Spiller. Ray Rice got hurt and he got Pierce who has been a full time back now and woulda went earlier had people known that. Mendenhall had that one blowup week, so prime has pulled off 18-20 from his backs each week so far or atleast the past two which is a decent average.

Facts are in our league there are 24 starting RB's, 12 starting QB's, 12 starting TE's, 36 starting WR's and an additional 12 spots for RB's/WR's. Besides the guys who got Rodgers, Peyton, Brees most of us are comparable at the QB position, WR's are everywhere. Getting 2 starting RB's is pretty valuable.

Obviously useless if you miss at every other position, or if you disregard RB's but still end up getting decent numbers so far.

I'll be curious to see what happens if Spiller takes back his carries, Ray Rice comes back, and Mendenhall is a 7-8 point back.

I think we are all starting 11/12 of the top scoring QB's in our league. Over half are within 5 points of eachother. I'd imagine the gap between some peoples RB2 and others is pretty large.
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